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Honda's stuff of Legend
Honda's stuff of Legend...As part of its box of tricks, the Honda Legend has a system called active noise control, which works in the same way as the plane headphones. It's designed to cancel out low-frequency booming in the interior and works independently of the stereo. But despite repeatedly switching it on and off, we...

Honda Legend
Honda Legend...In fact it was only a couple of years ago that the last Legend disappeared from Cars GBU although truth be told we were umming and aahhing about removing it for a while as sightings were so rare that its existence seemed to be largely hypothetical.

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Honda Legend Review from the VAUGHAN WINIATA, from AUCKLAND
The Legend Family from day one is a Credit to Honda. The Legends of the late 80's were fantastic cars, the quality has amazing...so the later models are holding up one hell of a legacy started a few short years ago. That aside the '96 'series 3' Legend has an understated poise that is all class. Anyone who knows what they are talking about would not slag this car, its a case of you either like it or you dont.Me...I Loooooove this...

Honda Legend History
Legend HistoryThe Honda Legend is a large automobile made by the Honda Motor Company of Japan. It was originally developed as part of Project XX, a joint venture with the Austin Rover Group of England and was a twin of the Rover 800 series.

The Legend was initially a four-door sedan, with a two-door coupe added later. It was the model which launched Honda's upscale Acura brand in the United States.

The first-generation Honda Legend was manufactured till 1990, with a second-generation model (also offered as a sedan and coupe) launching in 1991. The Rover 800 was not renewed, continuing on the old XX platform.

Since the beginning of production this model had body types Coupe and Sedan.

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