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Honda Legend News

Honda's stuff of Legend

Honda's stuff of Legend...As part of its box of tricks, the Honda Legend has a system called active noise control, which works in the same way as the plane headphones. It's designed to cancel out low-frequency booming in the interior and works independently of the stereo. But despite repeatedly switching it on and off, we...

Honda Legend

Honda Legend...In fact it was only a couple of years ago that the last Legend disappeared from Cars GBU although truth be told we were umming and aahhing about removing it for a while as sightings were so rare that its existence seemed to be largely hypothetical.

Honda Legend hits its residual value target

Honda Legend hits its residual value target...The new Honda Legend has been given a vote of confidence from Glass’s Guide. Official September figures value Legend at 35% after 3 years/60,000 miles – in line with Honda targets announced at launch. “This is very encouraging,†said Shaun Wooton, Honda’s National...

Honda Legend returns

Honda Legend returns...Honda keeps the engineering tricks coming with its reborn flagship the Legend. It has been more than two years since Honda had a flagship in Australia. The Japanese company liked to think its MD-X four-wheel-drive did the job, but looking at the sales numbers shows few people agreed. What they...

New Honda flagship Legend available in October

...Zeil am See, Austria - The new Honda luxury flagship Legend will be available in European showrooms from October with extensive safety and comfort features, the Japanese car maker announced. All the extras and options are inclusive for a price of 54,600 euros (69,577 dollars) including two-zone...

High prices for new Honda Legend

...Honda will take on the executive car elite with an all-new Legend saloon, on sale in September. The new car comes with a 291bhp V6 engine, a sophisticated four-wheel-drive system, innovative safety kit and comprehensive equipment, but prices will start at a steep £36,250. That buys the EX...

Honda to unveil Civic Type R, Legend at Geneva

...Honda has announced details of its presence at this year's Geneva Motor Show, which includes the unveiling of the new Civic Type R. Based on the new Civic three-door that will go on sale in Europe later this year, the Civic Type R Concept adopts the styling of the widely acclaimed 5-door hatchback....

Honda Legend News
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