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1996 Honda Legend Review, VAUGHAN WINIATA, From AUCKLAND

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Honda Legend Review » Honda Legend (Acura 3.5RL)

 Model of the car:Honda Legend (Acura 3.5RL)
 General comments:The Legend Family from day one is a Credit to Honda. The Legends of the late 80's were fantastic cars, the quality has amazing...so the later models are holding up one hell of a legacy started a few short years ago. That aside the '96 'series 3' Legend has an understated poise that is all class. Anyone who knows what they are talking about would not slag this car, its a case of you either like it or you dont.Me...I Loooooove this car. Why? because when I look at it I feel good, when I drive it I feel good, when my family is in it, I know they are in a well built, conmfortable SAFE car.If I had the money I may have bought a Lexus LS 400, but as time goes by I somehow feel that my next car will be a Honda Legend.
Understated Body Styling - I think this is a big plus, Solid build quality inside and out - this car feels like it will last for a long time, huge boot (trunk), Sporty engine sound when accelerating for a luxury car, good fuel economy. Lexus looks, features and quality for less $$. Pound for pound a Lexus LS 400 eats a Legend, but so it should because in NZ they are twice the price. For such a big car the Legend is extremely manouverable, its one of those cars that the more you drive it, the more you love it.Its size is a huge strentgh, this is a genuine family sedan.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:depreciation, but this is also a strength because if they didnt depreciate so much in yrs 1 - 3 I couldnt afford to own one.The gear change in the auto from 1 to 2 on acceleration from standstill is not as smooth as I would expect, I think a Camry is probably smoother.I think the only MAJOR that I notice often is that Auto Shift lever Gate design, it is a noisy, notchy piece of nonsense, I hope the designer who came up with it has been fired.The fact that the Headlights dont turn of when you turn the ignition off is odd, heaps of cheaper cars have this feature (Subaru Legacy, Toyota Camry)I have no info the substantiate this comment, but while reliable I dont believe Hondas are in the same league as Toyota and Nissan for like models.if someone has info to put me straight I would love to see
 Previous car:Lexus ES300, Legend has more "Goodies", Legend looks more imposing.Mitsi Diamante SEI - Honda use superior plastics in interior build, Build fit is also tighter than Mitsi.Both of the above models are much more common on the roads...

Review 1996 Honda Legend VAUGHAN WINIATA, From AUCKLAND
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